Los Escapados Eco-Cabins

The simplicity of camping with the luxury of a hotel.

To book or for further information, simply email us. Los Escapados Eco-Cabins, takes great pride in being efficient, prompt and responsive to all email enquiries.


Flying: There's one local airline (La Costena Airlines) which flies to Big Corn Island from Managua (once in the morning, once at midday, and mid afternoon). These are 12 seat single prop planes without pressurized cabins or conditioned air, or a 42 seat aircraft. The larger plane flies to the islands for the first and last flights of the day. [More info

One Way flights are around $107(US) and a round trip around $165(US). Some planes go first to Bluefields, before they continue on to the Island. There is a weight limit for the plane so be careful about how much luggage you bring. They weigh each passenger with their luggage before boarding for the smaller plane. When you arrive in Managua, exit the airport and go left to the small building next to the terminal. You can purchase tickets there, but need a reservation in advance most of the time. You can change the return date for your ticket for a small fee as long as there is room on the plane.

Some days of the week, you can get from Houston or Miami to Managua in time to fly directly to Big Corn Island; other days, you will have to spend a night in Managua and fly to the island the following day. When you return from the island to Managua, again, you may have to spend the night depending on the timing of the flights.

Ferry: There are also three options for ferries from Rama (via Bluefields).
This is an all-day plus overnight trip. [More info].

Schedules are always changing. For the latest transport information on how to get to Big Corn Island, view the updated Managua - Corn Island graphic.

Taxis: A taxi from the airport is 15-20 Córdoba per person to our Hotel. There are plenty of registered drivers waiting to take you where ever you need to go as you exit the arrival lounge at the airport. They are all safe and very friendly.

Los Escapados is located in Barrio Sally Peachy, Little Hill, next to Fay Downs.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the cabins, the island and activities to the best of our knowledge, as well as ensure a smooth, easy booking process.

So sit back, relax, and let us handle everything for you. Que tenga un buen día.

  • Email: losescapadosecocabins@gmail.com
  • Address:  Hospedaje Los Escapades, Little Hill, Sally Peachy
    (behind Batak house, next to Fay Downs).
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At Los Escapados, our purpose built Eco-Cabins with stunning sunrise & sunset views await you.

At Los Escapados, our purpose built Eco-Cabins with stunning sunrise & sunset views await you.

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